Quick Fix

Is a deadline looming and you don’t know where to turn for FileMaker help? Do you need a new database field or a change to the way you sort your favorite FileMaker report? Do you have spreadsheets of data to import? No FileMaker task is too small for the experts at Adelman Databases. With remote login or screen sharing, your FileMaker issue can often be resolved in minutes, not hours or days. For your FileMaker Quick Fix needs, Adelman Databases is the company to call.

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Mobile Solutions

Imagine reviewing a customer’s sales order as you stand in their lobby before a meeting; or checking your inventory numbers while riding Metro. With the FileMaker Go mobile app for iPhone and iPad, you can have real-time connection to your FileMaker database.

Call Adelman Databases today for a free quote on putting your data into the palm of your hand.

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Enterprise Solutions

Do you need an effective and elegant database? Do you want it customized to your business needs? Do you want to share and protect your data? And do you want all of this soon? Adelman Databases can help. With FileMaker Pro’s rapid development environment and Adelman Databases’ 18 years of experience, we can build your enterprise level database in less time, and for less cost, than you might think.

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About Adelman Databases

Adelman Databases is the premier FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go database developer in the Washington, DC area. We hold all current FileMaker certifications. From QuickFix Solutions, to Mobile and Enterprise Databases, Adelman Databases is the only company you need to call.

You've got mounds of data that need managing, and we've got the flexible FileMaker Solution that'll help you do it. We'll build you a custom solution that's scalable, secure, and just right for your business.

We create sophisticated, elegant, and cost-effective solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We’ve worked with more than 300 companies, trade associations, non-profits and government agencies. We can integrate your database with your website and mobile devices and give you access to your data where ever you are.


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